97. Satisfaction

For me, there is nothing more to life than a shared table, especially if I can contribute to the offering. I delight in the creation, the finished product, and in sharing it with friends. I even enjoy washing the dishes. I mean really, is there anything more satisfying?

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3 thoughts on “97. Satisfaction

  1. Marti

    Having been blessed to share meals with you, Akasha, I must say how much I appreciate the joy and care you take in preparing and serving a beautiful meal. I, on the other hand, go into a paroxysm of anxiety and panic at the thought of having to cook and serve a meal to anyone else. I become so overcome with worry and fear that I can hardly enjoy the gathering, even when it is with dear family and friends. Your gift of making a meal a joyful and graceful shared event is a gift from the angels and I have always been grateful to be at your table.

  2. Jan Ardell

    Hi Akasha,
    Your joy in life is reflected often and preparing food for others is one. I was warmed by your friend Marti’s sincere praise and honest confession.


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