79. Nature

My relationship with Nature is complicated. For example, I absolutely adore trees and gardening but I dislike dirt. I love the ocean but my body finds the heat of the outdoors to be quite disrespectful. So you see, despite my best efforts I cannot give Nature my unconditional love. How about you?

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1 thought on “79. Nature

  1. Marti

    Thanks, Akasha. This made me laugh and think of you so fondly. I cannot see you in nature and I’m glad my perception of you has been verified in this piece. I’m rather like you in this, in that getting all sweaty and dirty is not my idea of fun and yet, there I was, riding my horse in the ungodly heat of American Canyon, mucking his stall, hauling feed bags — getting totally disgustingly dirty and smelly. I had to reconcile myself to my lot because I loved my horse so much and, well, that’s where he was and that’s how I got around him. But — yeah. Sweat, dirt, heat, creepy crawlies…not for me either. So thanks for this. It made me feel vindicated too.


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