6. Marmalade

Are there lessons to be learned from a condiment? Hear what happened when I ordered a special jar of marmalade from Scotland hoping it was like what my grandmother always had on her breakfast table.

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8 thoughts on “6. Marmalade

  1. Lise Maisano

    ??????. Very funny! Thank you. Now, I’ll crave that perfect bite of sour dough toast, butter and marmalade. ?

  2. Sudha Scott

    Wonderful! I can almost taste it. Kristen makes beyond amazing sourdough
    bread, to which I am completely addicted. Butter only for that, though I love
    marmalade and am now tempted to splurge. Maybe I will and then share
    some with Prakash. Remember our chocolate croissant breakfasts from
    Santa Monica bakery. Yummy!!!!

  3. Thom and Tom

    …I’d toss the marmalade over my shoulder, pocket the $21 and go with bacon and eggs (fried in bacon grease, of course) 7 days a week…assuming I survived a week on that diet…

  4. Susan Carlisle

    You made me want to order Dundee marmalade….mouth watering right now and no marmalade of any kind at hand. Loved it!


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