51. Missing Daddy

I miss my daddy. I miss our morning walks. I miss lots of things actually. It is times like these I like to bring him close to me by indulging in memories and by reminding myself of the many gifts he gave me. From genetics to life lessons, he will always be with me.

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5 thoughts on “51. Missing Daddy

  1. Susan Carlisle

    I loved this Akasha. So sweet…a few tears and many laughs. And, you southern drawl was stronger when talking about your Daddy….took me there.

  2. Anne Graham

    So enjoyed this time hearing about your daddy. Makes me miss you…and my own daddy. Thank you for sharing him with me, Akasha.

  3. Marti

    What a lovely piece, Akasha. Your daddy sounds like a sweet man and you obviously loved him very much. Thanks for sharing some of your memories of him with me. As I approach the first anniversary of my brother’s death, this piece made me remember my own times with him which fill my heart with longing to talk with him again. Too late for that, I’m afraid. Your soft Alabama mornings with your daddy sound wonderful.


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