121. I Know Better Than You

With crisis comes lessons. In this episode, I reflect on the lessons I learned and the determination that arose from a medical event I experienced in my twenties. It was scary. It was frustrating. But with that challenge I discovered that I know my body best and made a vow to take control of my healthcare decisions. Please enjoy this intimate exploration of resilience and the power of self-advocacy.

Now That You Ask is a podcast that looks at topics that range from death to desire, and from wondrous to downright whacky. Join host, Akasha Halsey as she takes listeners on a journey through her writing and experience with life’s most persistent questions.

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1 thought on “121. I Know Better Than You

  1. Marti

    Oh, my dear friend. What a horrible experience and when you were so young. To have your dreams of having a baby dashed on your first try, makes me so sad for you. And I agree completely about doctors, though I have found that some female OB/GYNs aren’t any better than males in that they harden themselves against “female complaints” and dismiss legitimate questions out of hand. Sigh…we can only advocate for ourselves as loudly and persistently as the circumstances require. You’re a strong, wonderful woman and I love you dearly.


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