118. What Would YOU Do?

What would you do if you only had six months to live? In this episode, I grapple with the profound question of how to make the most of one’s time on earth when faced with a limited six-month horizon. Finding joy in everyday moments seems like a good place to start. From laughter to savoring a warm dish and admiring Art Deco jewelry, I share the unique experiences and musings that shape my perspective. Join me as I explore the mysteries and lessons of starting over in the face of life’s finite nature, and the profound wisdom that can be gleaned from such a transformative journey. What would YOU Do?

Now That You Ask is a podcast that looks at topics that range from death to desire, and from wondrous to downright whacky. Join host, Akasha Halsey as she takes listeners on a journey through her writing and experience with life’s most persistent questions.

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1 thought on “118. What Would YOU Do?

  1. Jan Ardell

    We need to make a date, certainly before 6 months! Stay well, stay healthy and stay your amazing, fun-loving self!


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