115. The Curse of the Shrimp

I try to pay attention to messages from the universe before they reach a critical point. I also have a love for shrimp, passed down from my father. Our family business sold shrimp in bulk, but it was rarely on our table. This is a story about how a surplus of shrimp lead to series of eerie events and reminded me to heed the universe’s subtle messages … or else.

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2 thoughts on “115. The Curse of the Shrimp

  1. Uncle Mike

    Surprised to hear about Hellman’s mayo in your southern past. AFAIK southerners prefer Duke’s. “It’s got twang.” Which is made in Nawlins and which I have sent away for and et. It’s good. All egg yolks, no whites. Plenty of youtube testimonials about H’man’s vs D’k’s.

    And regarding shrimp do you know anything about the Mantis Shrimp. It’s a jumbo and a killer. Look for it on youtube too.


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