113. The Gift of Friendship

Today I am reflecting on the invaluable gift of deep connections with friends. From cherished childhood companions to the bonds formed in a foreign land, I truly treasure all of the moments of support, understanding, and companionship. Listen in as I celebrate the unique and enduring friendships that remind me of the beauty of vulnerability and the universe’s ability to provide us with the gift of friendship even when we least expect it.

Now That You Ask is a podcast that looks at topics that range from death to desire, and from wondrous to downright whacky. Join host, Akasha Halsey as she takes listeners on a journey through her writing and experience with life’s most persistent questions.

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3 thoughts on “113. The Gift of Friendship

  1. Susan Carlisle

    Awwww….how sweet. I do feel so grateful to be friends with you Sweetheart. You are amazing and I love you dearly.

  2. Marti

    What a beautiful piece, Akasha. And you reminded me of how precious you are to me, even though we hardly ever talk. I know you are there for me if I just pick up the phone and give you a call. You’re that kind of friend to me and I love you for being there. Thank you, dear heart.


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