112. Amazement

Today, as I walked around my condo complex, lamenting the lack of amazement in my life, I stumbled upon a remarkable event. A distressed baby deer, trapped in a wrought iron fence, and its concerned mother and sibling became the unexpected stars of my day. This unexpected encounter left me in awe and served as a poignant reminder that amazement can still find its way into our lives when we least expect it, even during a routine walk in a familiar place.

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3 thoughts on “112. Amazement

  1. Jan Ardell

    This was GREAT!!!! I think the fawn that you helped to rescue is one I noticed awhile back who was showing a slight limp. At the time I wondered what might have happened. Yes, AMAZEMENT is abundant all around and in the most unexpected places as is the reliable presence of the need to ease the pain of others.

  2. Marti

    I’m so glad that baby got rescued and sent on his little deer way. What a sweet story, Akasha. And, if I may say so, my dear friend, there is no way that you yourself are not amazing, to others and should be to yourself. “Amazing” is a state of wonder and you have always appreciated “wonder” everywhere you go. Lift up your eyes for surely there is amazement all around you. Sending love to my amazing friend.


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