111. Getting Older

I am having a horrible time coming to terms with my age. I constantly find myself grappling with the challenges and changes that come with it. From navigating the physical shifts and discomforts in my body to my ever-changing relationship with the world around me. As I get older, I am realizing that my priorities have shifted towards valuing peace and comfort over adventure. But I feel that finding comfort and stability at home is actually a treasured aspect of aging, offering a warm welcome to a phase of life I didn’t anticipate but have come to embrace.

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1 thought on “111. Getting Older

  1. Marti

    Oh, Akasha, I am SO there with you on this one. And it isn’t just because my back, hips and knees are so bad nowadays that even having to walk down to the mailbox is considered seriously with “do I really NEED what’s in that mailbox?” I have discovered I am a homebody, so happy to be in my own bed, petting my cats and sitting reading. Taking a flight somewhere is my worst nightmare. I guess we ARE getting old, aren’t we — and I’m older than you! So be it. I love the thought that you and I are aging gracefully and peacefully in our own homes doing our own things. Sending love to my “old” friend. 🙂


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