108. Queen of Procrastination

Procrastination. Is it a self-sabotaging trait or a hidden source of vitality? The thrill, anxiety, and validation intertwine as I navigate this curious dance. Is it a risky game or a secret to staying young at heart? Time will tell as I continue to balance the edge between punctuality and a controlled delay, finding a unique vitality in life’s final seconds.

Now That You Ask is a podcast that looks at topics that range from death to desire, and from wondrous to downright whacky. Join host, Akasha Halsey as she takes listeners on a journey through her writing and experience with life’s most persistent questions.

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2 thoughts on “108. Queen of Procrastination

  1. Jan Ardell

    Loved your, as always, honest and humorous take on life, as well as not taking yourself too seriously! Thanks!


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