104. Iran

I once went to Iran to visit a boyfriend and left 2 1/2 years later at the beginning of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. I didn’t realize how lucky I was at the time to have seen Iran in all its glory because gone today is the Iran that I loved so much. This episode is about my love for Iran and how it changed me forever.

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4 thoughts on “104. Iran

  1. Jim P

    Thank you, Akasah, you brought me right back there for a few minutes, gave me a couple chuckles, and I love you for that. Jim

  2. Jan Ardell

    Thanks for sharing this deepening, expanding and enriching life experience. Little Laura from Alabama was never the same. Jan

  3. Catucci

    …OK…this is the one I was waiting for…thanks Akasha for this genteel trip down Kuche Memory. By the way, if you need that recipe for groundnut stew, just ask…


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