94. When I Write

When I write I am guided and governed by an inner voice that dictates the landscape I want to create. I am not sure where that voice comes from and it seems to move around in my body and makes its presence know at random times throughout the day. I always feel like I should listen when it calls. I trust it will lead me somewhere I want to be.

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2 thoughts on “94. When I Write

  1. Marti

    Such a beautiful piece, Akasha. I know how you feel about being “guided” by an invisible hand. When I am writing a prayer for a Sunday service, I sit at the computer late at night (like 3:00am “late at night”) and sometimes the words of the prayer just spill through my hands into the computer keys. That’s when I know the prayer is right. I understand your thrill at those moments. I’m so glad you are writing. You are really good at it, because you are so honest in your writing. I love hearing your pieces and always feel I’ve stepped just a little closer to knowing you. And you are wonderful to know. Thanks for letting me in.


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