85. Daddy Stage 3

This episode is another in a series about my father and the end of his life. His dementia started slowly but with great enthusiasm. He began to forget things that he knew he should remember and this made him so mad he would ball up his hands into fists and shake his head side to side. In some ways, his dementia robbed us of the ability to walk the end of his life together consciously, but I think it also saved him from some fear.

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1 thought on “85. Daddy Stage 3

  1. Susan (Wood) Soule

    This is beautiful! How blessed you were to have had him in Your life for so long. I was 25 when I lost Daddy, I think if all the grown up conversations I never had. We have friends and Johns family lost to dementia. It is a mean disease, and does take creative caretaking and patience by the boat load!
    Love yiu


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