84. Dealing with Daddy

This episode and the next couple to follow are about my father and the end of his life. I hope this helps you get to know him and see him through my eyes. He was a proud and fair man. He was beloved and even legendary. In his last years, I saw his body and his looks change but his spirit endured. Life with out him was unimaginable yet inevitable. I have loved him through it all.

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2 thoughts on “84. Dealing with Daddy

  1. Marti

    Oh, my. I feel the depth of your sorrow, Akasha. I do not know it in my own life, for my own father whose death was simply a relief and not a deep sorrow. I’m sure your heart still aches from the loss of your Daddy. And now you are an orphan, as am I. Sending you my love, my dear friend.


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