80. Robbed

Age is a sneaky and shocking robber isn’t it? Mirrors seem to betray us and it is easy to fear the changes (and losses) that happen over time. But it is true that wisdom deepens with the passing years and what is truly important can never be stolen from us.

Now That You Ask is a podcast that looks at topics that range from death to desire, and from wondrous to downright whacky. Join host, Akasha Halsey as she takes listeners on a journey through her writing and experience with life’s most persistent questions.

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3 thoughts on “80. Robbed

  1. Marti

    I love this episode, Akasha. It resonates with me both in what’s funny (my eyebrows have almost completely disappeared and I can’t get the damned eyebrow pencil to sharpen without disintegrating in the sharpener!) and what’s poignant and true. I too feel invisible to most people and disregarded by some younger people even when I have had training and experience that would be valuable in what we are doing together — take how good I read as a liturgist at church. They willingly admire my skill but don’t care to know how I got there or to learn from my training. That makes me sad and hurt when it hasn’t made me mad first. For the most part, I too don’t care what they think since I know my own value and am happy to share my skills whether they want to learn them or not. So this piece really spoke to me and I’m so glad we share this time of our lives with each other. Just wish we were closer. Thank you, my friend.


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