105. Iran #2

I was recently reminded by a friend about a few other parts of my Iran experience – the jewelry, the rugs … and the drugs. So, here is a snapshot of this other side of Iran. I feel extremely lucky to have lived there during Iran’s most recent heyday and when I think of my time in Iran, appreciation is always the word that comes to mind.

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4 thoughts on “105. Iran #2

  1. Jim+Purpura

    So glad you did a second one on Iran, Akasha. I reckon we all feel that same sense of appreciation to have been able to experience Iran–kinda what binds us former expats together.

  2. Marti

    I’m so glad you got to experience Iran when you did, Akasha. It sounds like an idyllic time that is gone under the harsh rule of the Ayatollahs. I wonder if somewhere in Iran today behind the six foot high stone walls there still exists that beauty and grace or whether the fear of retribution and imprisonment has crushed all of the beauty out of that ancient country.

  3. Catucci

    …oh yes, Akbar…he once sold me a carpet I wanted for my mother…during the discussion about cost, I reminded Akbar that we (you and I) were friends and that I should get the same price as you because we (buyers and seller) were all one big family (*snort!*). He agreed and I paid Akasha’s price for a carpet alive with animals and stylized doodads in beautiful, yet subdued, natural colors.

  4. Susan Carlisle

    What an amazing experience Akasha…..and whole different world. Gone. So glad you were a witness and got to be in the magic of it.


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